Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Key to success



What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an incredibly effective means of communication with your target audience. Subscribers have actively taken the decision to provide the business with the email address and expect timely and relevant communications.

Email marketing can be used to educate, inform, sell and communication and drive traffic to a variety of end points. Sending communications at the most appropriate time can affect open rates and lead to success.

Key to success

Building an email list is often the first challenge encountered. We have developed a strategy which includes the ‘exchange’ formula – this involves the business providing the user with something of value in exchange for the email address.

This could be anything from a discount or incentive but the most popular method is free digital content giveaways. We work with clients to build the funnel, content and strategy to grow an email list, communicate efficiently and achieve a good ROI.




Create a reason for users to provide the email address through price, knowledge or closed-user group. Email can be used to be recipients feel special through exclusive access to content. Provide digital content to obtain the email address.


Always seek permission and never buy lists from third parties. View the email lists as an investment and grow an opt-in list using social media and the web.



Understand your market and send timely communications at times which are most likely to see engagement. Test different times of the day and review the performance of opens to conversions.


Benefits of Email Marketing


Cost effective

No limit to the number of communications ensuring the investment on building the list is a long term investment.



Provide highly targeted communications through segmented user lists.



Emails can be shared very easily to other recipients and social channels and therefore increased exposure.


Immediate results

Should your offer be compelling, email marketing can lead to immediate action and results.


Global reach

Send your email communications to clients from around the world.


Guaranteed delivery

User 3rd party software to guarantee delivery of the email addresses.


Range of content

Include a range of options including video, images, links…almost any time of content.


Build loyalty

Build client loyalty by developing a relationship through repeat communications

Frequently Asked Questions

01. How effective is email marketing?

Email marketing allows you to develop a closed community of opt-in subscribers who wish to hear from your business. This is incredibly valuable and allows business owners to build a credible remarketing option. 

02. What inbound tactics are there to build an email list?

We can implement a range of tactics to build your email list including social integration, free content provision, remarketing to existing clients and incentivisation techniques.

03. Where do users sign up?

We can set up sign up pages, integration onto your social channels and website. The possibilities are endless.

04. Can email marketing work in ecommerce?

Yes, we can set up systems to remarket to existing clients and improve cart abandonments.

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