SEO - Inbound Marketing

Customers reach out to your company. Users are ‘pulled’ by the content you offer. SEO is not one single action, but a combination of elements, tools and activities which drive the traffic to you.

  • Content Creation – video, images, blogs, articles
  • Opt-in email marketing
  • Automated marketing tools
  • Social media acticity
  • Live chat/conversational bots

Traditional Outbound Marketing

Methods generally obstruct customers and ‘push’ messages. Often considered invasive.

  • Trade shows/seminars
  • Cold calling
  • Email marketing to purchased list
  • Outsourced lkead generation
  • Door to door sales

SEO Marketing Methods

Inbound marketing is a method of attracting, engaging, converting and delighting users using content and technology.


Attract the user

Create content and attract users through blogs, articles, posts, videos, images, courses etc. Provide a killer proposition and encourage leads.



Use video, images and blogs to provide content to engage with your target market. Be it educational, knowledge or fun, provide engaging reasons to contact you.



Make conversion simple and easy using the web, live chat and bots to assist with instant means to convert.



Provide incredible care through intelligent bots, social media for customer care, email communication and use Google reviews to build feedback and SEO.

Let us build you an seo strategy

Our Packages

We can build a complete strategy, implement and manage on an ongoing basis. This would include content marketing, blogs, SEO, social media communication & email growth – a complete package to grow inbound marketing.

Get Set Gonline have over 20 years of experience in the digital marketing space and we specialise in integrated packages which can also include multiple websites, landing pages and entry points to your company.