WordPress Web Development

There are literally thousands of web developers but we aim to stand out from the crowd with our unique Web Development Digital Packages. Quite simply, they give you the website AND the digital marketing knowledge and tools to grow.

It can be quite exciting receiving a shiny new website but then it dawns on you – ‘how on earth am I going to get people to see it?’. Yes, of course our Facebook friends and family will visit but what about new clients. Those that will give you real cash for your services. That’s where digital marketing comes in.

We believe there is nothing quite as effective as a website developed with a marketing strategy in mind. It should never the other way around. That is why we are digital marketing web developers – we know HOW to attract visitors and HOW to convert. And your new website will meet these criteria.

Furthermore, we you will be empowered with KNOWLEDGE. We provide you with a full digital marketing action plan which tells you exactly what to do and when to do it to grow your website. Of course we can manage this on a monthly basis for you but we feel clients benefit more when they have the information and can develop this themselves.

Why should I buy my website from you?

We offer more than other developers as we provide you with the tools to develop a digital marketing strategy. Its hugely important this is a key consideration when planning a website as, quite simply, without digital marketing, your website will not be seen.

What is included in the digital plans?

The inclusions depend upon the package purchased. Even at the entry level, we supply the client with a comprehensive document which contains an action plan designed to be implemented by the client using the simple and easy steps.

Are the websites mobile friendly?

Yes, all websites are mobile aware and operate on mobile and tablet

Do you offer any maintenance plans?

Yes, we can offer core and plugin updates, backups and security monitoring of your website for £39 per month. This does not include any edits to the website.

Looking for something bespoke and more customised? Drop us a line and we can help. Every package included a comprehensive marketing strategy so perhaps you are looking for a budget website but with an in-depth marketing plan – we can help with this.

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